About Me

Hello dear Reader.

My name is Ömer Özgüc and i am from Geldern, which is a small town in Kreis Kleve or near Düsseldorf which is the most known and near big city.

I was born on the 5th of September in the year 1990. I am a student at the Rhein-Waal University of Applied Sciences in Kampf Lintfort and i study communication and computer science, aiming for bachelor.

I choose this course because after my apprenticeship as a programmer i realised that i wanted to bring my art interest in my work and came to the conclusion that i want to work on games as an artist and become a 3d model and animation artist.

In my freetime i am working on my 2d art skills and also getting into 3d modeling and animation with programs like clip studio paint, adobe animate, 3dsmax, maya or ZBrush.

Besides that i am a huge videogame fan. Currently i am playing World of Warcraft, Heroes of the Storm and Pokemon Showdown as a quick battle simulator. I also like tabletops like magic the gathering which i am playing for 14 years now.

Like i mentioned before as an aspiring artist i use the name GrannBashy which started as a gaming nickname but i chose to use it for pretty much everything by now.

mosty i post stuff on Twitter and lately more on Instagram too.

In the category music i am a huge fan of Metal and Rock. My favourite band was Rhapsody of Fire but it changed due to the switching of group members. Now my top 1 is the german Trash Metal band Kreator

Shows and series i am in to are mostly animes like One Piece, My Hero Academia but i also watch shows like Game of Thrones or Preacher.