Documentation Week 5

Assignment for week 5

Prepare a board design and create it



Mill Software

First i opened the "hello.sch file in EAGLE and pressed the Generate/Switch to Board button to open the board.


Then i pressed the Layer button to reveal the layers. I hid all Layers and then selected only the two layers "Top" and "Pads"

eagle layer

Now that i had the basic build shown i exported the file as an image with 1500 dpi.


Then i had to crop the picture one time with the interior in white and one time the cutout as complete white. Those were named outside and inside.


Then i had to prepare the files for the mill. For that we used It generates the G-Code used for the Roland MDX-40A.

First i choose the image, then i chose Roland mill (.rml) as the machine in use and edited traces to 1/64.


After that i had to set the needed settings from the Fabmodule_Settings file for the engraving first, which used the inside file and the cut settigns for the outside file. Lastly press Calculate and save the files.


After that work was done i went to the milling machine and put in the files. Like in the lasercut machine i had to set the axes first and start the engraving. Then i used the outside file with the same axis and it cut out the board.


After the piece was cut i got this board


Now the engraved dots had to be drilled trough.

After that i had to solder the board to connect the parts for the assignment.

I followed the template one by one until all parts were soldered.


At last i had to import the program using an Arduino to write onto the microcontroller.

After connecting the board with the Alduino and choosing the right port i imported the arduino isp sketch going "file>examples"


Lastly after selecting the specs: attiny25/45/85, attiny45, internal 8mhz. Then clicking "Next click tools > burn bootloader to get the board ready. Then choose the blinking LED example and loaded it onto the board