Documentation Week 6

Assignment for week 6

The First Try

Prepare a board design and create it



Mill Software

This time we had to add one or more LED, one button, a voltage regulator and extra VCCs and GNDs to a pre existing board and write code for it in the week after. For my board i took the hello board as basis.


To add the components i had to import the Libraries with the Library manager first


In the next step i added all the extra components i needed

First the LEDs. Since the hello board already had a LED i just had to copy it and change the pin to the right microchip pin. In this case ADC2


Then i added the button, which is connected to VCC, ADC3 and GND trough a resistor.


The Voltage regulator has 3 pins. One for In, Out and GND. Connected to it is a 2 pin connector that is connected to a battery and GND.


Then i just copied one of the ACC/GND and changed the 5V to VCC.

new schematic

In the next step i went to the board view like i explained for the last week.

After pushing around the different parts in the layout i used the Ratsnest tool over and over to get my parts connected easier. In the last step i created a GND layer to get around a lot of work instead putting in loads of GND tracks.

new schematic
new schematic

Surface Bug workaround and Mill

After i was done with the Board layout i sadly had the same problem i had earlier in which i had some kind of bug with my microsoft surface, that made my board double the size in the milling process.

Even after hours trying to fix my work with 2 supports from the fablab by my side, i couldn't fix it. Since we had only so much time for support and actually working time on the only one milling machine i had to use the Boardlayout from a colleague and Mill that one.

new schematic
new schematic

After that i could finally start milling again like in the previous assignment

new schematic

Now came the tedious work of soldering all the parts. First i solded the connection pins and worked up from easier parts to the more challenging ones.

new schematic
new schematic
new schematic
new schematic
new schematic

Lastly i connected the board with the arduino and tried out the blink code

new schematic


hello sch

hello brd